Why Create Custom Magic Bands?

So you've booked your vacation and you've received your Disney Magic Bands, with only 7 colors to choose from some people find them a little boring and want to add personalization to their band so that they set their band apart from everyone else. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should create your own custom Magic Band.

Are you visiting WDW for a special occasion? 

Creating a custom Magic Band design for something special is easy to do. We have design tools to allow you to upload and create your own designs for any celebration. You could also use one of our existing designs for most occasions too; choose from for WeddingsAnniversariesBirthdays and graduation celebrations as well as holidays including Christmas, Easter, New Year, Thanks Giving, St Patricks Day & Halloween designs. 

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? 

When you order your Magic Band there are only 7 different colors to choose. Many people like to create their custom designs simply because they want something different. Our ‘create your own customized Magic Band tool’ allows you to go completely free-form and upload any of you own images, clipart and photos, as well as adding layers of text for messages over the top. There are also well over 200 different designs to choose from that allow you to style you Magic Band to suit your own taste.

Are you a frequent WDW visitor?

Florida residents that have an annual pass and frequently travel to the parks tell us that they like being able to change the look of their Magic Band and using one of our special glitter or carbon fiber designs allows you to turn your Magic Band into a piece of jewellery or fashion accessory.

Do you have a medical condition?

If you have a medical condition you might want to create a medical alert Magic Band design. This allows you to customise the look of your Magic Band with photos or other images while still showing the international medical alert symbol and information about your medical condition that a first responder may need to know. You can also add emergency contact details and phone numbers.

Are you part of a big tour group? 

We've all seen big groups wearing the same Disney Vacation t-shirts but why not have matching Magic Bands for your club or organization? They make great keepsakes too.


Whatever your reason for creating your custom Magic Band, be prepared to get noticed and complimented every time you visit the park and pass through the turnstiles, use it to pay for something or touch the fastpass+ entry points. Custom Magic Bands always attract envious eyes!