MagicBand 2

Glowing MoonA few weeks ago, Disney announced a new version of the MagicBand, aptly named MagicBand 2. This new band has a lot in common with the older band but has a larger middle section.

As MagicBand 2 is a little larger than the original MagicBand existing Skins can still be applied but will not fit correctly.

There is no official release date for MagicBand 2, unofficial sources claim end of January 2017, (we'll keep you posted) but in the meantime we will be updating all of our artwork and templates to work with the new bands. We will shortly have a dedicated MagicBand 2 section.

UPDATE: The new MagicBand 2 is now shipping to all resort guests and is available to purchase though the many Disney retail outlets on property. At this time we advise that you should not purchase Skins for the original MagicBand unless you already have your band and are certain that it is not a MagicBand 2.


We will continue to sell both old and new style Skins for the foreseeable future, to accommodate those of you with old and new MagicBands. If you are unsure, please do contact us and we will endeavour to assist. 

Please keep an eye on this other post that will be updated with the latest news about our MagicBand 2 designs.

You can identify whether you have a MagicBand or MagicBand 2 by looking at the images below:

MagicBand vs MagicBand 2