National Flag Magic Band Skins

National Flags Magic BandsIn what will be our second largest release of new designs we're pleased to introduce a further 20 new national flag designs to our catalog...

Joining the American, Canadian and British flag designs we already have avaialble, we've just added designs from Spain, Sweden, Norway, Brazil, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Ireland, Morocco, China, Japan, Australia, England, Scotland, Wales, Puerto Rico, France, New Zealand and South Africa.

These new National Flag Magic Band designs are available now!

You can also find these designs in our image library to use when creating your own custom design with our create your own Magic Band Skin editor.

Remember, all of our MagicBand covers are precision cut and professionally produced to ensure a perfect fit to the colored portion of the MagicBand and are suitable for both smaller and larger MagicBands. These flag designs are avaialble as 2-piece designs only.