New and Purple MagicBands

Since the MagicBands launched a few years ago the most requested color has been purple yet until late December 2015 the purple color wasn't offered. 

In December the purple MagicBands went on retail sale in limited numbers and were initially hard to track down. Fortunately, on March 6th changes were made to make them available to guests staying at a Disney Resort through the My Disney Experience website.

Those picking up the purple bands for the first time were initially surprised to see that they were slightly different in design to the other 7 colors currently offered with the purple having a thinner and more flexible strap and a smoother curve on the face. Many people much prefer these thinner bands as they feel more comfortable.

As expected, all colors of MagicBands now shipping to resort guests, as well as those avaialble through Disney retail locations, are of this new, updated style.

Despite the changes our MagicBand Skins still fit the new MagicBands. In the video below you can see them in a little more detail.