Silver Metallic Scales MagicBand 2 Skin

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Our new and updated metallic silver scales MagicBand 2 Skin. Printed with our new metallic ink and with a high gloss finish.

This a unique design with silver scales printed with our new metallic ink! The matallic ink design is printed on a clear vinyl so that the color of your Magic Band will show through the spaces between scales. Take this in the sun to see it's true depth!

Our specialist adhesive ensures that the Skin stays firmly in place while allowing for easy removal when you are ready to change your style.

All of our MagicBand covers are precision cut and professionally produced to ensure a perfect fit to the colored portion of your Disney MagicBand and are suitable for both smaller and larger MagicBands.

  • Completely Waterproof
  • UV resistant and lightfast with a 10-year outdoor life
  • High-gloss finish
  • Precision Cut to the same shape as the MagicBand
  • Ultra-flexible
  • Pre-punched holes for smaller sizes
  • Great discounts when you order more
  • Despatched within 24 hours of order*
  • Free international shipping on all Magic Your Band orders

*Excludes orders that contain personalized products.

Please note that this material may leave a small amount of residue on the MagicBand if left in place for extended periods. This can be easily removed with nail polish remover.

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