Face Mask FAQ


Mask Sizes

All of our face masks include adjustment in the elastic sides to allow them to fit a range of face/head sizes.


  • Adult: Aprox. 180mm x 125mm
  • Child: Aprox. 160mm x 90mm

As a general guide, adult size masks will be suitable for older children, from around age 11 and up.

Child size masks are suitable for toddlers up to around the age of 10/11 and for smaller adults. 

Image below illustrates the difference between the two sizes. The fit on each can be adjusted greatly with the sliders on the elastic (see 'Adjusting The Fitting' section below)

Adult VS Child



All of our face masks ship with one filter included. Filters are disposable and replaceable but cannot be washed.

We recommend replacement of 1~2 times a week dependent on length of wear.

You do not have to the a filter installed in the mask in order for them to meet current Disney face covering guidelines. 


Nose Wire/Nose Clip

All of our face masks ship with one self-adhesive nose wire/nose clip. This can be optionally added to your mask if you prefer them to fit more securely around the nose.

They are self-adhesive and can be applied either to the exterior of the mask (as below) or can be added inside the filter pocket. Simply remove the backing of the nose wire and stick firmly in place on the mask. 


Once you are wearing the mask you can bend the soft metal around the nose to give a tighter fit.

This is completely optional, many people prefer the masks without the nose wire.

*Note that the nose wire should be removed before machine washing the mask. Additional spare nose wires are available on the site.



Adjusting the fitting of your face mask.

All of our face masks come with silicone adjustment ferrules. The elastic ear straps must be passed through the hole in the ferrules in order to provide the adjustment.

There are a few ways that this can be done but we've found that using a simple household paperclip is the easiest.

Straighten the paperclip out leaving a loop on one end like this:

Hook the elastic from the ear strap around the loop in the paperclip:

Slide the silicone ferrule over the paperclip:

Carefully pull the paperclip and the elastic through the hole in the ferrule like this:

You can then remove the paperclip and repeat this process for the elastic on the other side of the mask. You can then tighten the fit of the mask by pulling more of the elastic through the hole in the ferrule. You should ensure that the mask fits snugly on the face to avoid gaps.