Here are some questions that Magic YOUR Band customers often ask. If you have a question that's not answered here, please do contact us and we'll get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.


Face Masks

Wondering how to adjust your Face Mask? Please see the dedicated Mask FAQ page for details on how to add the adjusters.


MagicBand+/MagicBand Plus

Most of our existing MagicBand 2 designs are also avaialble for MagicBand+ and of course you can make your own custom Magicband+ design on the wesbite already.  Note that MagicBand 2 Skins are not compatible with MagicBand+. Please do contact us if you are looking for a specific design and we'll try to assist. 

MagicBand+ Skins are supplied as three individual pieces to make them exceptionally easy to apply. We provide a center icon skin that you can optionally apply. When applying the icon decal the MagicBand+ LED lighting effects are still visible and our MagicBand+ Decals do not affect how the MagicBand functions.


MagicBand 2

All guests will now be receiving MagicBand 2's. If you have a new MagicBand, it will be a MagicBand 2. Please only order for original MagicBand if you already have your MagicBand or you are certain you have an original MagicBand. See our MagicBand 2 blog post for the latest on customising for MagicBand 2 and how Skins will work. MagicBand 2 Skins can be found in their own section of the site.

You can identify whether you have a MagicBand or MagicBand 2 by looking at the images below:

MagicBand vs MagicBand 2

Creating your own design

Answers to many common questions can be found in our How to use our 3D Magic Band Skin designer video below. The same principals also apply to creating Fitbit Skins.


About the Skins

Shipping & Sales



Creating your own design

How to use our 3D Magic Band Skin design tool.

Many of the most common questions about creating your own Magic Band Skin design can be found in the video below. It's especially useful if this is your first time using our site. Note that the same principals also apply to Fitbit Skins.



Can I add more than one image to my design?

You can add up to 4 images to your design. You add additional images by selecting the additional layers from the drop down in the add image box.  The images are called "First Image(Background)", "Second Image (Mid-ground)" and "Third Image(Foreground)", as this is order they will appear on the design when images overlap. There's also a separate image area for the icon/puck for MagicBand 2.

Image Layers



 What file formats are supported?

We support a wide range of image formats. These include JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF and EPS. We would recommend using PNG or JPG.



How big should my images be?

Ideally images should be 300dpi but good results can be obtained with smaller images. If you want to upload one image to cover the whole MagicBand Skin, we recommend that your image be 2348 x 278 pixels for the original MagicBand and 2390 x 465 pixels for MagicBand 2. We are happy to check images for you if you have any doubts.



How do I customize one of your stock designs?

There are two ways. First of all, on the product page for most of our designs, you can fins a 'customize me' button next to the add to card button. Clicking here will open up the design in our editor where you can add text or other images.

Or you can go in to 'create your own' where you will find most of our 600+ stock designs in the library under 'Add Images'. You can then add text or other images to the design.



Why doesn't my preview image look clear?

There are a number of factors that will affect how the preview of your Magic Band Skin design is displayed on screen. These include your monitor resolution, your browser type, the device you are using etc. This does not affect the final output that we print. We use your original uploaded files to create the printed artwork so the end result will always be as sharp as your original files. If you are at all worried about your images please contact us and we'll be happy to advise. Additionally, Samsung Mobile and Tablet devices produce blurred previews when you add a design to your cart. Again, this has no impact on the quality of the final product and affects only the preview thumbnail.



Can I edit a design that I have already created?

Yes you can. On the shopping cart page you will see an EDIT button next to each design you have created. Clicking this will take you back to the editor where you can make changes to the design. Note that adding the new design to the cart will not replace the previous version of the design but will instead create an new copy. You can simply remove the unwanted version from your cart with the delete button or trashcan icon.



How long will items remain in my cart?

If you wish to have items remain in your cart for a period of time we suggest that you register an account with us. If you have an account, items will remain in the cart until you either purchase them or choose to remove them and will be visible from any computer or device you use.



When I try to create my own design, the page will not load. What can I do?

We use the latest WebGL technology for our online design tools as this is far superior and more secure than Adobe Flash. On a PC, WebGL is supported by Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Google Chrome and Firefox. On a Mac, Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox are supported. iPhone and iPad devices need to have iOS 8 or later installed and most Android devices will work. If you experience any issues with the 'create your own' tools on the site we recommend first updating to the latest version of your web browser. More information regarding WebGL can be found via Please do contact us and we will do our best to assist.



Can I create a custom glow in the dark design?

We're very pleased to be able to offer custom glow in the dark designs. Custom glow in the dark designs have their own editor that will allow you to create a custom version of any of our main designs or create your own from scratch. Please do refer to the notes on the custom glow in the dark product page.


About the Skins


Are the skins waterproof?

Yes, our skins are 100% waterproof. Neither the ink nor the material it is printed on are affected by water and once they are stick in place you can safely shower, swim or even visit a waterpark with your MagicBand and the Skin will be fine!





Are the skins solvent resistant?

Our skins are printed with an eco-based ink and are UV cured prior to shipping. However, as with many ink and plastic based products, solvents can damage or disolve the surface. It's important to keep your MagicBand and the MagicBand Skin away from products that contain solvents, such as spray sunscreen products that contain high concentrations of chemicals and volatile components.

For this reason, and we know accidents can happen, we always ship a pair of each design you order. You'll always have a spare or the option to change your design.





How do I apply the Skins? Is it easy?

There are several different techniques for applying a MagicBand Skin. The precise shape and size of the Skin makes them easy to line up. As even new MagicBand can have dust or dirt on the surface, we recommend wiping them with rubbing alcohol prior to applying the Skin. The surface of the MagicBand is slightly porous so it is important to ensure that the MagicBand is thoroughly dry before applying using following methods:

MagicBand 2: Make sure the MagicBand is clean and dry. Start with the MagicBand un-fastened and remove the Skin, one piece at a time, from its backing paper. Hold the Skin close to the end and lineup the end of the Skin with the end of the colored part of the MagicBand. Lightly press in to place and work your way to the middle of the MagicBand, be careful not to stretch the Skin or to stick it down too firmly at this stage. If you make a mistake the Skin can be lifted and repositioned. Once you are happy with the placement smooth the Skin in to place and then finally apply firm pressure to make sure it's fully stuck down. Repeat the process for the other side of the MagicBand. Should the Skin lift for any reason, applying a small amount of heat from a hairdryer will help to activate the adhesive and the Skin can be stuck back down.
The following videos also show you how easy this process is...

Original MagicBand

MagicBand 2




Are the Skins easy to remove?

One of the nice things about our MagicBand Skins is that, unlike other methods of decorating a MagicBand, such as painting your MagicBand, applying tattoos to your MagicBand or other Magic Band stickers - our MagicBand decals (we call them Skins) can be easily removed when you want to change the design. You can change the look of your MagicBand in seconds and as often as you want!



Do the Skins affect how the MagicBand works?

No, the Skins have no effect on the how the MagicBand works. You'll be able to use them for park entry, fastpass+ and ride photos as normal. Just be prepared for people to say 'Wow, where did you get that cool MagicBand from?' a lot!




What's the difference between a 1-piece and a 2-piece MagicBand Skin?

For the original MagicBand, most of our stock designs, and our custom designs, are available in two styles. A 1-piece skin will cover the whole of the colored part of your MagicBand, including the logo in the middle. The 2-piece design comes in two parts that are applied on either side of the logo leaving it still visible in the middle. Choosing is a matter of personal preference. Some people prefer to have the logo on show while others like to use the additional space on the 1-piece style. Covering the logo in the Middle of the MagicBand does not affect how it works in anyway.

The image of the sample design below illustrates the difference between the two available styles. The 2-piece has the open gap in the middle that will leave the 'Mickey' logo uncovered while the 1-piece covers the entire colored portion of the MagicBand including 'Mickey'.

2-piece vs 1-piece Skin

Note: MagicBand 2 Skins are provided as just one style. These are provided with separate middle portion that can be applied to the central Icon/Mickey Head, or can be omitted if you prefer to have the Icon remain on show. Covering the Icon does not affect how the band works and is a matter of personal preference.

MagicBand 2 Skin



Can I purchase one half of a design?

Contrary to common perception, MagicBands are not symmetrical. The parts on either side of the ‘Mickey Head’ are both different sizes and different shapes. The side with the punched holes is shorter and wider than the other side. The image below illustrates just how different the sizes and shapes are.

As the pieces aren’t interchangeable, they wouldn’t fit, we sell all of our MagicBand Decals as a complete design so that they will always be a perfect fit to your MagicBand, including the carefully and accurately pre-cut holes for the fastener. For this reason we don’t sell half-designs or part-designs.

Of course you can buy more than one design to mix and match two designs and apply them to your MagicBand if you so choose.

MagicBand Sides MagicBand 2 Sides



Do your MagicBand Skins come in different sizes, for children for example?

Our Skins are one-size-fits-all. They cover the colored, middle portion of the MagicBand and therefore fit bands sized for adult or child equally well. Skins also have holes pre-cut for the fastener/buckle.





How much will it cost to ship my order?

We offer free worldwide delivery on everything we sell, no matter where it's going or how much you order. You can also choose to upgrade to a FedEx delivery service if you wish. The cost for FedEx delivery is shown on the checkout page and varies depending on delivery location.



How long does shipping take?

The Free Worldwide Shipping service that we offer has an average delivery time of 7 days from the date of postage. We also offer FedEx International Priority® shipping which is a fully-tracked, 2 business day service (signature required). You can upgrade to FedEx shipping at checkout and the exact price will be shown there depending on location and number of items ordered.

UK orders will be sent using first class post and typically will arrive within 1-2 business days.



What is the processing time for my order?

We define 'order processing' time as the time between you placing the order and the actual order dispatch. Generally speaking, MagicBand Skin and Fitbit Flex Skin orders are shipped within 24 hours and often same-day. Certain exceptions do apply; for example, orders placed late Saturday or Sunday will ship Monday morning. Orders placed around a public holiday will be dispatched on the next possible working day.

Please talk to us regarding processing time for bulk orders of 100 items or more.



Are the Skins I want in stock?

The short answer is YES! We have a 100% stock availability 100% of the time so you can order any Skin from our site in confidence knowing that the order can be satisfied. Custom orders are printed in-house on-demand so can also be satisfied with the same processing time.



Is there a discount for buying more items?

Absolutely! Discounts start as soon as you buy more than one of anything. Full details can be found on our discounts page. Please contact us to discuss your requirements for volume and group discounts.



Can you ship to my Disney/Orlando Area Resort?

Yes we are happy to ship direct to your resort. If you are shipping to a Disney resort, due to their USPS mail handling system, orders can take a few extra days to arrive so we recommend upgrading to FedEx International Priority for shipping direct to a Disney resort. Items sent via FedEx go directly to the resort rather than a central mail handling facility and therefore still arrive within 2 business days.



What payment types are accepted?

We can accept PayPay (including PayPal express) Visa Debit, Visa Credit, MasterCard Debit, MasterCard Credit.

We can also accept payment with American Express cards via PayPal. Simply select the PayPal payment option on our checkout page. Once you click 'Place Order' you'll be directed to the PayPal site where you can choose to complete the checkout using your credit card (as per image below), you do not need to have a PayPal account to do this.

PayPal Credit Card Payment



How do I get my MagicBand?

If you are staying in a Disney owned resort you are entitled to a free, plain-colored MagicBand as part of your reservation. These can be ordered through your "My Disney Experience" account on You can choose from the 7 available colors and add a name on the inside which can not be seen when wearing the band.

If you live in the USA, then as long as you complete your MagicBand order at least 10 days prior to your check in date, these will then be mailed to you. If you live outside the USA or complete your order later than this date your MagicBands will be waiting for you when you check in to your resort. If you do not complete the order at all then you will be given plain gray bands at check in.

If you are an annual passholder you are also entitled to a free MagicBand which can be ordered once your have linked your pass to your My Disney Experience account. The passholder MagicBands come in a special blue passholder box and has to be shipped to you once you have ordered them. They can only be shipped to an address in the USA so if you live outside the USA you will have to get them sent to your resort whilst you are in Orlando.

If you are not staying in a Disney resort then you can still get a MagicBand but you will have to purchase it. You can purchase MagicBands from lots of shops once you arrive at Walt Disney World or even in the Disney Earport Shop at Orlando International Airport! The plain colored bands currently retail for $12.95 plus tax.

Disney have introduced some pre-printed MagicBand designs which are retailing at $19.95 plus tax. Disney currently do not have personalized Magic Bands and special designs are limited. You can also find fabric Magic Band covers in some stores but these are also limited to just a few designs.