MagicBand Skins (For Original MagicBand)

MagicBand Skins (For Original MagicBand)

Please note that this category is for original MagicBands. MagicBand 2 is now shipping to all resort guests so please only purchase from this section of you already have an existing original MagicBand, otherwise, please see our dedicated MagicBand 2 Skins section.

Our Magic Band decals allow you to easily create a custom Magic Band whilst providing extra protection. Our decals are the perfect accessory for any Disney MagicBand. Our skins are available in two styles; 1-piece, which covers the entire colored portion of the band or 2-piece which leaves the logo exposed.

Providing both creativity and protection, our Magic Band covers add a special touch to any occasion and leave a lasting souvenir. You can customize any aspect of our stock designs and colors without compromising on the quality of your skins. Personalize one of our designs by adding your own name or memorable date, or upload your own image and then add your text. Our online editing tool allows you to view your design in 3D before ordering.

A combination of high quality materials, up to date printing methods and our extensive experience in the design industry ensures each Magic Band decal is Water Proof and UV resistant, durable and flexible. Our Magic Band covers do not use ordinary vinyl but specially researched and developed material, each precision cut and professional produced to ensure a perfect fit with your MagicBand including a semi-gloss finish. Our skins are tailored to fit the MagicBand with existing holes to ensure no extra cutting is required. This also makes our Magic Band Covers suitable for both adult and child sizes alike.

  • Waterproof
  • UV resistant and lightfast
  • Precision Cut to the same shape as the MagicBand
  • Ultra-flexible
  • Non-permanent, easily change your design as often as you like
  • Pre-punched holes for smaller sizes
  • Great discounts when you order more.
  • Magic Band stickers are suitable for both adult and child-size bands.
  • Free international shipping

We have a fast turnaround service and superior printing methods and we provide free international shipping so you can order them to be delivered straight to your home or Disney resort. We also offer discounts on large orders.