Fire Element Character MagicBand+ Skin

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Inspired by the fire element from Elemental, this is our interpretation of Ember! This wonderful MagicBand Skin design created and shared by a regular customer and converted to MagicBand Plus.


Unleash the elemental power of fire with this MagicBand+ skin. Crafted from a waterproof and UV-resistant blend that can withstand the elements, this skin transforms your MagicBand into a fiery talisman worthy of an ember mage. Apply to your MagicBand+ and instantly summon its playful yet powerful spirit that crackles with clever enchantments and vivid hues of red, orange and yellow. Whether you're blazing a trail through the parks or charming your way through the castle, this fiery skin brings a stylish and energetic touch of elemental magic to your Disney experience. Infused with elemental magic and clever craftsmanship, this skin brings the fire element to life on your wrist and makes every moment feel magical.


Our specialist adhesive ensures that the Skin stays firmly in place while allowing for trouble free removal when you are ready to change your style.

All of our MagicBand covers are precision cut and professionally produced to ensure a perfect fit to the colored portion of your Disney MagicBand+ and are suitable for both smaller and larger MagicBands.

MagicBand+ Skins come in three easy to apply pieces. The middle puck sticker can be optionally applied. Lighting effects on MagicBand+ are will still be visible. Skins do not affect any functionality of the MagicBand+.

  • Waterproof
  • UV resistant and lightfast
  • Precision Cut to the same shape as the MagicBand
  • Ultra-flexible
  • Pre-punched holes for smaller sizes
  • Great discounts when you order more
  • Despatched within 24 hours of order*
  • Semi-gloss finish matches MagicBand
  • Free international shipping on all Magic Your Band orders

*Excludes orders that contain personalized products.

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