Some of the Basic Advantages Available with Your Disney Magic Band

Walt Disney World is considered by millions of people to be one of the most ‘magical’ places on the earth. However, there has been a marvellous entry in its portfolio of enchanted items. Having been introduced just a short few years ago, Disney’s MagicBands have taken park visitation to the next level.

For those who are rarely able to visit Disney World, MagicBands might be a new and unexplored convenience. However, many consider this new addition to be one of the greatest and most valuable assets to an experience provided by Disney. So, let’s take a look at what the talk is all about.


What are MagicBands?

In 2013, Walt Disney World introduced a major technology innovation that can completely rework and enhance the park experience. For those who are planning to visit Disney World, it all begins with vacation planning and pre-booking a preferable experience on a “My Disney Experience” website account.

In essence, the wearable band is designed to fit around the visitor’s wrist and functions as a “tool” that will unlock and access various functions of your fantasy vacation. The bands, themselves, are made to be waterproof with an RFID chip encased within the band. In 2017, Disney introduced the next version of the band, MagicBand 2, which allows for additional ways to wear this incredible device.

Needless to say, when you consider the marvels of Disney technology, you can rest assured that these bands represent the most cutting-edge advantages available today. The overall purpose of the Magic Bands is to create a seamless Disney experience which incorporates a room key, park ticket, credit card, Fastpass+ and other park conveniences.

Amazingly, one size will fit everyone with this small plastic (soft) wristband. MagicBands also feature a layer that can be removed in order to fit even the smallest guest. As such, these bands can fit everyone from adults to toddlers!


Clearing Up Some MagicBand Questions

As with the introduction of any new technology, a Walt Disney Company MagicBand can present a bit of confusion as to how they work. Well, first of all, a visitor will want to know exactly where these bands can be located. As of this time, the latest information informs us that you can purchase magicbands and use them at the Walt Disney World in Florida (Orlando) location - as opposed to the other U.S. Disney parks and international Disney park sites. However, you can use the MagicBands in all of the Orlando Disney World sites. These include; the hotels, shops, water parks and the 4 Disney theme parks.

Do MagicBands Replace Park Tickets and Other Park Benefits and Attractions?

This is the big question and also one of the biggest benefits of the MagicBands. In this case, your park tickets are stored within the chip inside the band. All you have to do is lightly tap the band on the band reader and scan your fingertip in order to have entry into the theme park for the duration of your vacation experience. This eliminates the hassle of losing or forgetting to bring your park ticket.

In addition, your MagicBand will function as the key to your on-property Disney hotel room. All of the doors that allow entry into the rooms will have a band scanner. As in the case of the park tickets, a guest will no longer have to be concerned about the possibility of misplacing a room key!

Also, when it comes to a Fastpass+, one will be able to select up to 3 different attractions/rides for each day. You select the time(s) and you’ll have the benefit of a short wait for your selected attractions. This has been made a very simple option. All that’s needed is to go online to your account in either Disney’s mobile app or the My Disney Experience website. When it’s time for your attraction reservation, just show up and scan your MagicBand at the attraction’s entrance and you’re rewarded with a very short wait!

Speaking of convenience, when you first arrive at the Orlando airport destination, if you have obtained a MagicBand prior to arriving, just scan it for the Magical Express motor coach. This free form of ground transportation provided by Disney will then know who you are and will take you to your resort.


Charging Your Disney Purchases with a Disney MagicBand

Another fantastic convenience offered by a MagicBand is the ability to link your credit card to your band and then use the band for charging your park purchases. Just be aware that this works only for those guests who are staying in a Disney on-property hotel. This is because your purchases are reflected on your hotel bill.

For parents who are concerned about their children having full access to this charging ability, rest assured. There have been a number of controls/restrictions that the card owner can use. For example, you can specify that only the adults in your group can use the charge function. You also have the option to assign a PIN to access the band’s charging feature.

For those who enjoy the wonderful service provided by Disney, Photopass (MemoryMaker), your MagicBand can also come in handy. Your Disney band will also allow you to place photos into your online Disney account and you’ll have the opportunity to download all or some of them in accordance with your purchase options. These are photos which are taken by professional photographer cast members and photos that are even taken on the rides that you’re on.


Costs and Customizations

As a tremendous benefit, Disney MagicBands are absolutely free to those who are staying at an Orlando Disney resort hotel that is located on the Disney property. This is just another reason to select an on-property Disney hotel experience complete with a dining plan.

For those who aren’t staying at an on-property hotel, you can still obtain a MagicBand at a very reasonable price. They aren’t a requirement but they enhance the experience immeasurably. You can get the basic band models for under $15.00 at most Disney stores located on the property or at

In addition, if you order and customize your Walt Disney World Resort set of MagicBands, at least 11 days prior to your visit, they will be shipped to you. If not, your MagicBands will be there waiting for you at your on-property Disney hotel check-in.

For customizing your Magic Bands, you have a huge selection of options. You can choose various characters and custom colors. This type of personalization lends an added flair to your vacation. For basic customizations, you can select from 8 colors.

However, there’s a lot more to consider when you take a look at the special edition MagicBands. These can feature decorations that include your favorite Disney movie (like “The Incredibles” or perhaps Star Wars characters). These special edition bands usually run over $20 and can be purchased at on-site stores or online.

Other options include the addition of jewels and characters designated as “MagicBandits”, which can be added to the MagicBand holes. Other options can be obtained from the online store The possibilities are virtually endless!

Not only that, but the icons that can be inserted into the MagicBand 2 can also be removed and used to decorate keychains or lanyards. When it comes to MagicBands you can have customizations that fit you, your family and friends!



Walt Disney World vacations have become far more enjoyable and seamless with the addition of high-tech options such as MagicBands. While currently being tested at the Orlando Disney Park, these options are expected to eventually extend all throughout the world, in every Disney park location. But for now, your best bet is to arrange your Disney experience to include your stay at an on-property Disney hotel and enjoy the full benefits that this has to offer.

These benefits, at the Orlando Disney World location, are further heightened with the inclusion of Disney MagicBands that drastically increase your enjoyment of you, your family’s and friend’s memorable experience. These modern high-tech additions are what set’s Walt Disney World apart from every other form of family vacation and entertainment! Visit Disney online now and see what is currently available.