MagicBand+ Skins Now Available

Following the recent release of the latest MagicBand+ we're pleased to announce that many of our most popular designs as well as a custom design too, are now available for MagicBand Plus.

Disney released the new MagicBands just a few months ago and we've been working away in the background to ensure that our most popular designs are re-worked for MagicBand+

MagicBand+ can be purchased directly from Disney and with our MagicBand+ Stickers, you have the ability to fullly customise your new MagicBand or even change the design every day!

Our MagicBand Plus Skins come in three distinct parts which not only makes them simply to apply but also provides you with the option to apply or not apply the middle 'puck' sticker. If you should choose to apply it, you'll still be able to enjoy the lighting effects of your MagicBand Plus.

We will be adding new designs regularly and you'll be able to make your own designs, includinng using our image gallery, in our dedicated MagicBand+ Catalog Section.

Note: We currently have almost 500 designs for MagicBand Plus!!