New MagicBand Customization mobile app

Magic Band ColorsWe're pleased to announce the release of our new 3D Custom MagicBand Skin editor that's designed specifically for mobile devices!

Our site has always been fully responsive and the size and layout alter to suit the type of device that you are using to ensure that you always get the best user experience. However, based upon reasearch and feedback as well as several advances in the web technology of iOS on the iPhone and Android OS we've created a new, dedicated mobile friendly version of our 3D 'create you own' design tools.

The mobile version has all the functionality of the desktop and tablet version, including access to our library images, your own image upload from your device or Facebook, text editing and color selection, but with a redesigned menu and image upload system. This greatly improves the usability of the editor on devices with narrower screens.

With hundreds of different designs for you to choose form and the ability to upload your own photos too, it's easy to either find or create something that suits your style.

For a guide on the basic features of our online design tool please take a look at the tutorial video in our FAQ.



Have a look on your favorite mobile device!