Glowing Moon

As previously mentioned, Disney have announced MagicBand 2, a redesigned or reimagined MagicBand that is a different shape to the existing MagicBands on offer.

As the MagicBand is a significantly different size and shape we need to update all of our designs and our custom design tool to accommodate the changes.

UPDATE: ALL of our designs are now available for MagicBand 2. We will be adding new designs for MagicBand 2 but no new designs will be released for the original MagicBand but we will continue to offer custom designs for both styles.   You should purchase MagicBand 2 Skins unless you are certain that you have an original MagicBand.

For the moment we'll leave you with a preview of how some of our new designs look on the new MagicBands.