Best Magic Band Color

We're ofter asked by customers "what's the best Magic Band Color?"  This is a very hard question to answer, there are a few color options...

In terms of the free Magic Bands offered by Disney to resort guests, the options are: Gray, Yellow, Blue, Pink, Green, Orange, Purple and Red.  Other solid color Magic Bands can be purchased from Disney store locations: Lavender, Turquoise, Navy, Dark Green, Millenial Pink, Black and White.

Color choices can be hard and picking the best Magic Band color is no different. When speaking to our cients we often suggest to them that they pick a color that will compliment their Magic Band skin choice.

Fortunately, no matter what color choice you may make, our Magic Band Skins fit the Magic Band perfectly, no gaps, so you really only see the underlying Magic Band color if you look at the absolute edge of the Magic Band, or if you choose not to cover the Magic Band Puck in the middle - note that all of our designs come complete with a decal to cover the central puck of the Magic Band at no extra cost, so you can decide whether or not to apply it depending upon your personal preference.

Is any one Magic Band color better than another? Simple answer is no, not really. Regardless of the color, Magic Bands are all identical and the Magic Band Skin, or decal, will fit any color you have. It really boils down to personal preference!