Epcot Inspired MagicBand 2 Skins are back!

Epcot MagicBand 2Six months ago Disney released MagicBand 2. Whilst it was exciting to get a new style MagicBand and have one with more space for our designs, it resulted in a bit of a scramble to update all of our 350+ designs for the new style of MagicBand.

Not only did this work involve making new artwork for the larger style bands, but also new photography for every product and setting everything up on the website...

Quite a lot of work and it turns out that we lost a couple of designs along the way. So it's time to pick up the ball and add those 'missing' designs back to inventory!  

Here are two of the most popular designs, inspired by one of the classic themepark attractions, Spaceship Earth.

Find the classic Epcot Inspired MagicBand 2 designs and many others on the main site. You can also use these designs as artwork in your own custom design in our 'create your own' section of the site.